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No more chronic back pain and I've lost 40lbs!  

1.  How did you hear about Victory Chiropractic and Wellness?

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2.  What condition(s) were you dealing with and how long did you have it/them?

I was dealing with back and shoulder pain. I had issues with my back for 40 years and my shoulder for 10-12 years. I had doctors and other chiropractors treat both conditions.  

3.  What results have you had?  How has Victory changed or improved your life?

I have LOST 40lbs. I exercise using the MaxT3 protocols. I no longer have chronic back or shoulder pain & my energy and stamina are much better.

4.  What would you recommend for others suffering with the same problems you were dealing with?

            Try the Maximized Living plan. If you are committed to better health, it will work wonders for you.        


Victory provides you with LONG TERM results, I no longer suffer from neck or low back pain! 

1.   Who told you about Dr. Jake and the office or Chiropractic?  And how?

           Jim Miller

2.   For what reason did you first seek Chiropractic care?

       I was dealing with neck and lumbar pain, pain relief only with previous chiropractors, NO long term results.

3.   What improvements have you seen in your health and life?

I’m getting the curve back in my neck, and both of my legs are even. My blood pressure is dropping and I’m sleeping better.

4.   What would you recommend for others?

     Don’t go to just any Chiropractor, GO TO VICTORY, for LONG TERM. Your health will improve your health, and you’ll start feeling better! 


No more migraines! Chiropractic care is natural and effective, try out Victory! 

Who told you about Victory Chiropractic and Wellness?

Alicia Logan – My massage therapist

What were your particular condition/s? How long have you had it? What had you done previously to get rid of your condition and what were the results?

Headaches/Migraines. I’ve had trouble with headaches since I was a kid. They progressively got worse the older I got. I started out with over the counter drugs, then went to prescription drugs. The prescriptions worked at first, but then I had to keep increasing the dose before it would work.

What results have you had since you started here? How has chiropractic changed your life?

I was having little and big headaches/migraines every week to two weeks. Since I started coming to Victory, the amount of headaches started to decrease. It has now been over a month without the first sign of a headache! Praise God! Chiropractic care and God’s healing have completely cut out my RX medications and lessened the pain level of my headaches. I can now get rid of a headache with an adjustment and maybe some over the counter medicine. My headaches also tend to last a few hours vs. days.

What would you recommend for others suffering with the same problems you were dealing with?


Please stop taking prescription medication that makes you feel drowsy and not yourself! It’s a terrible feeling! Chiropractic care is natural and effective! Use that money from the prescriptions toward getting your whole body healthy!

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