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What We Do

The Mission

The Mission is to raise up healthy families and to lead them to abundant lives and to change healthcare policy so that we can relieve unnecessary human suffering, disease and early death around the world.

2048 Vision

We seek to be an advocate for people against the failures of the medical, sick-care model and the destructive lifestyles that have taken us into crisis. We envision putting the power to be healthy back in the hands of the people which can only be done through a large enough network of people who are living and delivering Maximized Living.

The 5 Essentials

They aren’t alternatives to anything, because positive alternatives to behaviors such as healthy eating, proper exercise and a positive mindset don’t exist. 

Can you simply find something else to do rather than make sure your spine and nervous system are working right and you’re not accumulating cancer-causing toxins?  This type of care is called “alternative care” because it is not traditional medical procedure.  Yet, all 5 Essentials are crucial to any life where health is a primary goal. 



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Day2Day Joys

Dr. Jakes wife, Rachel, blogs here at Day2DayJoys.com. Featuring Healthy 2day Wednesdays, Ask Dr. Jake, and contributing writers.


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