Crohn’s GONE in LESS than 5 MONTHS!


What condition(s) were you dealing with & how long did you have them?

Crohn’s, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, migraines, back pain, brain fog, bone pain, hair loss, lethargic, tired all the time, food sensitivities. I was also told that I have pre-cancer & that my ONLY choices were to take out my entire colon, or take drugs that would give me cancer then remove my colon & die young.

What have you tried in the past to get rid of your condition & what were the results?

I saw 6 GI doctors around TN, other doctors, nutritionist, all of which told me that food had nothing to do with my symptoms & conditions. I would play sports until I couldn’t physically play & the doctors told me to STOP exercising.

Describe how your conditions affected you, your work, your family and social life and your hobbies?

I almost DIED two times from severe dehydration when I was at my worst with Crohn’s. I would come home each day after work and fall asleep. My appetite was not good & I wouldn’t keep weight on. I lost 40lbs at my worst too. I couldn’t get enough energy to play with my kids. All day long would be spent in the restroom!

What results have you had? How has Victory changed and improved your life?

ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS GONE IN LESS THAN 5 MONTHS! I have energy for days and can outplay my kids. I play sports regularly again & lift weights. Something I wouldn’t do before without having to run to the bathroom. My weight is stabilized and I’m putting on muscle mass. My back pain is virtually gone and I can eat without worrying. Victory has blessed my life, supported me & corrected my eating habits. I’ve been able to change my life and my family’s life for the long term. I recommend Victory to everyone & wish everyone could experience the same as I have!